Big Bears Toy Box – E-commerce Store

THE BRIEF & Objectives

An ecommerce company specializing in children’s toys and wanting to increase number of leads and enquiries via a website redesign and SEO.

Website Objectives:

To increase online sales, migrate the existing site to WordPress and complete a full redesign in the process. The new site needed to act as the central stock management system allowing the client to list items direct to eBay and Amazon from the website and control and manage all stock numbers and order direct from the WordPress admin area.

Big Bears Toy Box – E-commerce Store
Big Bears Toy Box – E-commerce Store

SEO Objectives:

  • Increase organic and referral traffic to the website
  • Increase Trust and Authority of the website
  • Increase visibility for keywords



Migration of full site from Opencart to WordPress streamlining and improving some of the functionality along the way. We took their existing design and created a more professional and established design focused upon presenting the shopping site as an established and trustworthy vendor. Using 3rd party software we created a system that allowed the user full control over their stock and orders across eBay, Amazon and WordPress without ever leaving wp-admin.


  1. We did a website audit to discover technical SEO fixed that needed to be made in order to ensure a solid foundation on which to build all on-site and off-site SEO efforts
  2. Created a strategy which included two phases:

Phase 1:

  • On-page SEO: Identifying top priority landing pages (ones with the top page visits (then increasing the word count of descriptions and optimishing for keywords. This helps to improve ranking on these pages and increase organic traffic.
  • Technical SEO:
    • Optimising the website’s sitemap so that crawl budget is best used. This involved adding rules to the robots .txt file, blocking access to all search engines to shopping cart pages and WP-login pages
    • Disallowing toxic backlinks in Google Search Console

Phase 2:

  • Link building and keyword blogging
    • A cornerstone blog calendar was created in order to encourage the likelihood of keyword blog ranking
    • Backlink opportunities identified and digital PR outreach initiated.


PrimePixels Media

  • A 14% increase in sales
  • Functionality that allowed the client to better remarket to existing customers and incomplete checkouts
  • Easy to use stock and order control system which has streamlined their whole business helping them prepare it for sale.

After 2 months –

  • Sessions: 12.19% increase
  • Users: 16.13% increase
  • Pageviews: 31.83% increase
  • Bounce Rate: 2.53% decrease
  • % New Sessions: 4.26%
  • Organic Search: 26.4% increase
  • Referral Traffic: 200% increase
  • Moz Domain Authority: 14.3% increase
  • Semrush Authority Score: 50% increase
  • Site errors and warnings decreased
  • Page speed increased
  • 83.8% of visitors to the site were new visitors


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