Virtual Advisor System


Virtual Advisor System


Derek Notman is a virtual CFP® and virtual financial advisor who is making virtual practice management accessible to financial advisors across the globe as society continues to progress within the digital space. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Derek’s focus shifted towards providing free virtual seminars to give financial advisors an opportunity to learn more about the importance of evolving as an advisor and embracing the virtual model. He needed a way of driving relevant traffic to the webinar to increase sign ups.

Virtual Advisor System
Virtual Advisor System


Financial education


50-hour social media


High-quality social media management

  • CREATE CONTENT that is relatable and on-brand to keep channels active and engaging.
  • SCHEDULE CONTENT two weeks to a month in advance according to the client’s needs and preferences.
  • CROSS-POST CONTENT across all channels 3 – 4 times a week.
  • INSTAGRAM STORIES posted Mon – Fri with interactive content, increasing audience engagement and curiosity.
  • ORGANICALLY BUILD AN ENGAGED AUDIENCE to market services and drive traffic to the website.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT across all channels twice a week, including responding to comments, likes, messages etc. keeping an interested and engaged audience.</
  • CLIENT BRAINSTORMING AND CONCEPTUALISATION catch up calls bi-weekly, to discuss new ideas amongst the team, including ideas for competitions, giveaways, strategy and any programmes that will be launching in the future.</
  • NEWSLETTER CREATION to market any new launches, in order to target a new, existing and past client base.
  • WEEKLY REPORTS will be sent out so that the client is aware of all the activity on their account.


Real-world results of our marketing magic

PrimePixels Media
  • We generated 434 landing page views at a cost of 0.32 USD per landing page view.
  • This resulted in 91 subscribers, 16 of which attended the webinar.
  • During this time period six advisors purchased the product generating a total revenue of $4772.93.
  • A total of $313.6 was used on paid media.
  • Success comes down to a combination of direct email marketing, FB paid ads and organic LinkedIn content.


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